Isaiah Odhner

Hi, my name is Isaiah Odhner.

I'm a programmer and designer, interested in generativity (particularly with regards to technology, altho I'm not opposed to the more general concept), and making powerful creative tools (which I don't consider myself to have done yet; jspaint is pretty basic, as far as image editors go)

This website is primarily a portfolio of many (but not all) of my projects.

I've made several web apps, as well as games and experiments, and some libraries and such, which you can find on GitHub.

I like making music, so several of my projects are geared towards that. I don't have any of my music shared online,* but I'd like to at some point. I'd like to live-stream some piano (programming too!), maybe join a band...

I like making procedural art sometimes, such as these patterns. (I should put up a gallery sometime.)

*uh, the exception that proves the rule...